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Why Use the Liturgical Calendar / 1 Corinthians 15:1-4
November 25, 2018 Pastor Morgan Gange

Slow movement in the spiritual life, in your spiritual walk, is normal. Day by day is normal. The way Christ transforms us most often is a slow process of reminders and repetition. Each of us are deeply fractured. Most of us, all of us, would prefer a redemption that lets us pass over any feelings of loss, brokenness, or bankruptcy. Christ keeps it real. He is making us more real, more alive, and nothing goes to waste in His hands. All the bits and pieces of our lives are being realigned around Him. In this realignment, we need reminders of the life Christ lived and the salvation Christ accomplished.  We need guidance in the repetitious cycle of faith and repentance that happens over and over in the presence of God. The Church is a community for that process, and we have a calendar for that, too! So hold fast to this Gospel that first saved you. The Gospel is God and God is Christ. Christ is not fractured like us. Everything Christ did is everything that Christ is. His body is scarred for life with suffering, but He is whole. You, Christian, are becoming whole, in Him and through Him.

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