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The Painted Door Church - Chicago
Single-Minded Wholeness / James 1:2-18
October 21, 2018 Pastor Mark Bergin

God is not double-minded. He never considers pursuing those things that lead to ruin and death. On the contrary, he is consumed with giving and fostering life, and life to the full. That is his only agenda with people, to give and foster the fullness of life in us. That was his agenda in creating us. It remains his agenda in redeeming us. And it is his only aim amid the various trials that befall us. By contrast, we are often double-minded. We quickly abandon those things that lead to life. When trials come, we ignore the gifts of God and are so overcome by the discomfort that we rush toward death in the pursuit of relief. James would wake us up. See the gifts of God, he implores. Don’t mistake trials for God’s absence. Stop running. Hold fast. Trust the Lord. And receive his gifts.

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