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Grace Is a Terrible Idea / Titus 2:11-14
October 14, 2018 Pastor Mark Bergin

The book of James in the New Testament has one main theme: Live in the Wisdom of God. For James, wisdom is the manifestation of Christian maturity. It’s the sort of being that God means to rescue people into, because it’s the sort of being that Christ brought into the human story. In other words, Jesus lived his human life in divine wisdom, so that God could give that divine wisdom to his people. This is salvation, the receiving of the life and wisdom of Christ as our own. And James has much to say on the art of receiving that life. He is opposed to conceptions of salvation that do not give rise to wisdom, as though God’s grace were simply some abstract idea to make us feel better about our failures. No James says, God’s grace is Christ alive in us. Not an idea. But a person.

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