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Dividing Walls: Gender Identity / Genesis 1:26-27
August 12, 2018 Pastor Mark Bergin
God reveals himself in the genders of people. The book of Genesis teaches that God created all people, male and female, in his image. Therefore, no matter a person's gender or whether someone is unsure of their gender, every person can rest in the surety of their equal dignity and worth as an image bearer of God. We all reflect divinity. And God has given us gender as a means to structure our churches and homes for the flourishing of all. He calls men and women to serve their spiritual and biological families in different and complementary roles. This distinction between men and women is fire. It burns up our egos and requires that we lay down our lives for one another. Gender is not a means for self-assertion; it is a means for self denial. It is a cross. Yet, from that death, joy rises.
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