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The Painted Door Church - Chicago
Dividing Walls: Church Divides / Romans 15:1-7
August 05, 2018 Pastor Morgan Gagne
Why are you a Christian? Family? Duty? Fear? Dunno? The answer to this question can either lead to an increase in faith or an increase in doubt. Faith grows from the inside out. Doubt turns you inside out. The Christian life is a life of self and Christ in process, and you're surrounded by a bunch of people going through the same thing. There’s nothing better that we can do for the whole than know and love our Lord Jesus. To be most loving to others, you need to forget all others, even yourself, and know only Christ. Your faith is not your project. Your doubt is not your project. Your life is not your project. Surrender to the call of Christ. Admit you are a Christian. Submit to the people He has appointed you to. Run into eternity with Him.
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