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Dividing Walls: Self Care / Ecclesiastes 7:1-13
July 15, 2018 Pastor Mark Bergin
The term “self care” began to enter the popular lexicon in the 1970s and has surged in use over the past two years. The idea is simple enough: people must care for their own emotional, physical, and spiritual health in order to function well in their relationships and pursuits. But what is it that leads to true health. Often self care is relegated to helpful but shallow ideas of wellness -- diet, exercise, vacation. Such activities do benefit people, but the danger is in mistaking the shallow end of the pool for the whole pool. That can lead to the false belief that wholeness and health requires little more than some greet tea and a Yoga mat. In truth, the deepest self care requires facing our deepest pain. It requires tearing down the dividing walls we use to block painful relationships and memories from our minds. It requires journeying with the One who cares for us most as He leads us into the places we least want to go.
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