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Dividing Walls: Sexual Ethics / 1 Corinthians 6:12-20
July 08, 2018 Pastor Mark Bergin
Human sexuality is a confusing jumble of desire and restraint. At times, cultures embrace a desire free-for-all, wherein almost anything goes. But inevitably the abuses that such lawlessness produces cry out for new restraints. Our present moment in North America is filled with such cries. We long for an expression of sexuality that protects the vulnerable, honors personhood, and fosters deep intimacy. And this is what God has for us. The sexual ethic of the Christian faith calls for our desires and restraints to be subsumed in love, a process that cannot bloom apart from the rich soil and repeating seasons of lifelong marriage. Sex is the sacrament of marriage. Much like the communion meal that the church receives in her marriage to Christ, sex is a tangible and bodily manifestation of the mystery of marital union between husband and wife.
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