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The Painted Door Church - Chicago
Dividing Walls: Faith in the Workplace/ Matthew 22:35-40
July 01, 2018 Pastor Mark Bergin
The Christian life is not lived out primarily in the church or the Bible study or the prayer time. The Christian life is lived out primarily in our vocations; that is, in whatever way we spend the bulk of our time and emotional energy. Yet many of our workplaces would discourage overt expressions of faith as divisive. And indeed, they can be. So how then is the Christian to work in faith? Jesus said that the greatest two commandments are to love God and to love our neighbor. These commands tell us who we are: By faith, we are people who do not live or work for ourselves. We are people who pour ourselves out for others, for our bosses, for our colleagues, for our clients. That self-emptying way of life is the only way that church or Bible study or prayer time will make any sense. Just as a person who never drives will never have use for a gas station, so a Christian who never loves will never have need to be filled.
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