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The Painted Door Church - Chicago
The One Man: A New Way of Being Human / Romans 5:12-21
January 14, 2018 Pastor Mark Bergin
God created humanity to flourish in his life. But from the beginning, we went looking for life on our own, life apart from our Maker. There is no such life, only death. And all who walk in that way of Adam are perishing. But God has forged a way out for us in Christ. Jesus is a new Adam, who entered into the path of the perishing and through obedience re-created the way of being human that God had always intended for us. Jesus flourished in the life of his Father. And this finished work of obedience is ours to trust, ours to learn, ours to live out. God has given us the flourishing human life of Christ. No longer seek life anywhere else.
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